Source of Turtle Creek contamination identified

Revelstoke Mountain Resort made the repairs immediately

Source of Turtle Creek contamination identified

Turtle Creek, near Revelstoke Mountain Resort, should be pollution free going forward.

“After significant investigation, the source was identified as a storm-sanitary cross connection from kitchen fixtures and repairs were conducted immediately,” said Carly Moran, spokesperson for the resort, in an email.

Early in 2018 the City of Revelstoke reported potential greywater entering a storm drain and from there Turtle Creek to the Ministry of Environment.

Ministry staff attended the site and determined the source of the discharge was Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

In September a second issue was reported to the ministry with sample results indicating there was sewage present in the discharge.

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At the time the resort sealed the outlet and all flow was directed to the sanitary sewer system, however, due to ongoing issues with failures to the pumping system and concerns over the source of the initial contamination, a Pollution Prevention Order was issued to the resort on December 21.

Required actions in the order included:

  • immediately stopping effluent discharge to collection systems with connectivity to Turtle Creek
  • ensure measures to cease effluent discharge, retain the services of a qualified professional to prevent additional volume of effluent
  • develop and submit an action plan to describe how and when the resort would characterize the water quality of the effluent, determine the source of the effluent, outline remedial work needed to stop the release of the effluent and propose a sampling program to determine the downstream impacts

According to David Karn, spokesperson for the ministry of environment, an action plan has been submitted by the resort and assessed by the ministry and the resort is continuing to rule out any further sources of contamination. However, Karn said that the file is still open.

“The ministry takes an escalating compliance approach to non-compliances and uses a variety of compliance tools, ranging from advisory letters to court prosecutions,” he said in an email. “Ensuring compliance with its regulatory requirements is one of the ministry’s principle objectives.”



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Source of Turtle Creek contamination identified

Source of Turtle Creek contamination identified

Source of Turtle Creek contamination identified