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Top City of Revelstoke earners for 2016 revealed

Statement of Financial Information reveals top city earners, councillor expenses

Allan Chabot, the City Revelstoke’s Chief Administrative Officer, was the city’s highest paid employee last year, earning $131,654 in total remuneration, according to the Statement of Financial Information released by the city last week.

Chabot, who started with the city in August of 2015, earned less than his predecessor Tim Palmer, who took in $142,259 in his last full year of work with the city.

Palmer still cost the taxpayers $80,938 last year even though he hasn’t been employed by the city since February 2015 when he was bought out of his contract at a cost of $192,000.

Mike Thomas, the city’s director of engineering, was the second highest paid employee, earning $125,453 in salary and benefits. Graham Inglis, who retired as director of finance last October, took home $112,885. His successor, Tania McCabe, earned just under $100,000.

Former city planner Dean Strachan left behind $105,029 when he moved for a post in Summerland.

Doug Pendergast, the city’s roads foreman, and four firefighters also earned more than $100,000.

The city is required by law to release the remuneration of all employees who earned more than $75,000. 26 employees made the list in 2016, compared to 24 last year and 18 in 2014; nine earned more than $100,000.

Council expenses are also listed in the SOFI. Councillor. Connie Brothers claimed the most expenses, at $5,187, while Mayor Mark McKee claimed $3,168. Brothers said hers were so high because she claimed her expenses for attending the 2015 UBCM convention in 2016.

Coun. Aaron Orlando claimed $2,892, Gary Sulz $2,425, Linda Nixon $2,139, Scott Duke $1,766 and Trevor English filed no expense claims.

The mayor earns $30,000 per year while councillors earn $15,000 per year.