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Two people trapped inside a crashed vehicle near Osoyoos report seeing cars drive past them

Midway Fire and Rescue send out reminder to call 911 or stop and help
A truck rolled over on Christian Valley Road and two local Okanagan firefighters came to the passengers rescue on Saturday, Nov. 19. (Midway BC Fire/Rescue - Facebook)

Midway Fire and Rescue issued a reminder to drivers that vehicles on the side of the road may have people trapped inside.

On Nov. 19, the fire responders were called up to Christian Valley Road off of Highway 33 for a rollover into a ditch.

Two volunteer firefighters from the Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department and the Willowbrook Volunteer Fire Department were in the area and also stepped in to help.

“Fortunately the two occupants were relatively uninjured, but the fact that they reported that two different vehicles had driven by them, while they were trapped in the vehicle, and didn’t stop, shocked me,” reads the post from Midway Fire and Rescue.

The fire department adds that the purpose of their message was to raise awareness for ways to help in the case of an incident, not to shame any individuals, and that they hoped that people who drove by called 911 to have emergency responders come out.

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“Please understand that the sooner that emergency crews are advised of an incident, the sooner they can be there to help,” reads the post. “Please do not drive past an incident without initiating a response, whether it is personally, or by calling 911.”

Firefighters needed to use an axe to cut out the windshield in order to get the people out of the vehicle. Without assistance, they would not have been able to exit the vehicle on their own.

Additional people showed up and together the vehicle was put onto its wheels and pushed off the road so that it was out of the way of vehicles coming around the corner.

While many people may not have the training to perform a rescue, calling 911 is still one way that they can help in an emergency.

People should also understand their abilities and comfort level in dealing with an emergency and be prepared before being presented with a situation where help is needed.

“As firefighters and other emergency responders, it is in our nature to stop and try to assist when we see a problem. I understand that many people may hesitate and could be unsure of what to do when they come upon an accident. It may not be something they are ready to deal with because they don’t have the training.”

“Everybody has their own comfort level when coming upon these types of situations.”

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