Growls and Hugs for July 4

Someone or something got your hackles up? Or maybe someone made you smile today and you want to give them a bear hug!

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Jesse at Grizzly Auto is so wonderful! Thank-you for being so great to deal with, and for the great customer service. The shop is lucky to have you!


Great big Hugs to Sheryl and Char for all the excitement of peeling pounds of potatoes and carrots and shucking all that corn. It was a blast from the past and too much fun. See ya next time.


To MMMyles what a great b-day party you hosted. Thanks for being such a great sport and wearing you crown and dragging you balloons around with you. You are still the king.


Grouchy growls to Eowyn for polluting your pool with so much dirt from your dig. If you think washing before you come in from your mischief will not go noticed, you are wrong.


Happy Happy hugs to Sharon who landed today in Calgary today after three months abroad in Europe. You were missed and we are all so glad you are back-Your fan club.

Canada Day

Patriotic Canadian hugs to the organizers of the Canada Day Parade. It is always the best parade of the year. Give yourselves a pat on the back.


Thanks mom and dad for coming to visit. I hope you liked our tiny city and all of the fun and food! See you next time.


Thank goodness for rainbows and the ongoing ability to have campfires because otherwise this rain would be driving me crazy! Lake jumping requires at least a few sunny days. Fingers crossed there will be sun during my upcoming mini-holiday.


Congrats to the RSS graduates! Enjoy your summer. We are all looking forward to hearing about what you do next.