Letter to the editor: Tim Palmer column

Letter to the editor: Tim Palmer column

Editor-Revelstoke Review,

I’m curious how Tim Palmer seems to have some status in the form of columns in your paper. You do know he was fired from the city some time ago?

And he ran for municipal election and did very poorly?

This should tell you something and I do not care for the way he seems to be trying to weasel into things.

We do not care what he has to say.

-Joane and David Bleu

Dear Joane and David,

Thank you for your letter.

I am aware of Palmer’s past, however I believe that his insights into local politics and experience in the area are a good addition to the political conversation in our community.

As it is an opinion piece, it is to be taken with a grain of salt, but I believe that reading and being exposed to opinions that we don’t agree with is the best way to grow as people and to be engaged as citizens.

The goal with Palmer’s column is to offer insight behind the curtain. Though he may have been fired and not been elected to council, he has been behind the scenes and does know how the processes work and I believe that insight can be valuable.

Thank you for your concern.

-Jocelyn Doll, Editor



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