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Meet Mimi: The Revelstoke Review’s work experience student

Mimi Kramer joins the Review through the work experience program at Revelstoke Secondary School
Mimi Kramer in her natural habitat. (Mimi Fraser/Revelstoke Review)

Sixteen years is a long time.

It’s enough time to know which mountain is best: definitely Mt. Cartier, and if you say Mt. Begbie, you’re wrong.

It’s enough time to know that La Baguette has the best hot chocolate, while ‘Dose’ surpasses them when it comes to coffee.

It’s enough time to know that the best time to go to the grocery store is 8:15 pm (don’t ask me why).

It’s enough time to know that ‘Save on Foods’ will always be ‘Coopers’ in my heart.

It’s how long I’ve been a Revelstokian.

Being a teen in Revelstoke (I know what you’re thinking: ew, teenagers, gross), I enjoy the small things about what makes this town special.

When I’m not roaming the streets of Revelstoke with my friends looking for new roofs to climb on, you might catch me shredding the pow at RMR (Revelstoke Mountain Resort), destroying the competition with my high school volleyball team, or being the best hostess you’ll ever meet at The Village Idiot (home to the best pizza in town, don’t forget it).

In between sports, hobbies, and working, I also run with the coolest crew in town over at The Revelstoke Review.

For the next couple of months, I am delighted to say I will be learning from the best about writing, broadcasting and media management.

I was given this opportunity through the work experience program at Revelstoke Secondary School hoping that it gives me a head start into journalism after I graduate.

Within journalism, I hope to learn and listen to those who have things to say and further educate and inform with my voice.

I am looking forward to the months ahead, and if I were you, I would get used to the name Mimi Kramer.

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