Soccer association comments on budget cuts

An open letter to Revelstoke City Council presented at the Feb. 22 regular meeting.

Dear Revelstoke City Council,

I am writing on behalf of the Revelstoke Youth Soccer Association in regards to the 2011-2015 City Financial Plan Proposal.  

Upon reading this document it is very concerning to see that Youth Soccer which is the largest sports program for children and youth in Revelstoke will be impacted negatively from this proposal.  

The proposal states that there will be reduced playing field maintenance which will result in poorer playing conditions. The Revelstoke Youth Soccer Association has contributed close to $100,000 over the past decade to upgrade both city and school fields in the community. We applied for grants for some of this work and also used some of our own funds. This benefits all users, not just soccer players. If the fields are not well maintained, this has been an investment that has been wasted. 

In addition, with just under 400 children and youth who play on these fields, our entire organization relies on well maintained fields. If the fields are not properly maintained not only will it be difficult to continue running a successful soccer program more importantly this proposal will increase the risk of injury to our children and youth who play on these fields.  

It is our sincere hope that there can be some way of continuing the proper maintenance of the city fields so that we can keep our children and youth active, healthy and safe.  

Thank-you for your time,


Renee Carter

Revelestoke Youth Soccer Association Chair