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Leo Season: Dance Dance in the Sunlight

Leo season starts on July 22nd.

Leo season is the heat of Summer. We are moving from Yin Energy – Cancer – Cardinal Water to Yang energy – Leo – Fixed FIRE. Sacred emotion makes way for sacred expression.

Leo season is a time for lighting our inner fire – within ourselves, our creativity and our children. It’s a time to look at the ways that we CREATE – what lights the fire inside us and gives us insight and inspiration to birth new things. Whatever Leo shines his light on, grows. But beware, it can also burn. Fixed fire sustains and is driven. You may feel great drive towards action and courage. What do you stand for??

Fire is about action and drive. Leo rules the heart and the spine. Sit up tall and feel the strength of your being, your heart front and center. ROAR like the lion/lioness that you are. Leo is ruled by the Sun and during Leo season the Sun shines strongest and brightest. Embrace your light and what you are focusing it on.

Leo is the proud leader. They don’t lead just to lead, they want to show others how to show up authentically. Seeking attention and admiration can be a Leo trait.

Questions for further inspection:

Who do I love? What is their love language? How do I receive love?

Harness Leo energy with an activity that brings fun and play. As children we LOVE the playground, beach, or riding a bike. Find something that you love (or used to love) and go do it with big gusto.

When we grow up accessing that fun can be more difficult for fear of judgment or vulnerability. But this is Leo’s greatest gift. To show others how to be true and authentic. When we show up in this way we give others the permission to do so as well.

Dream about where you want to take a leadership role and step up. Leo season is here to light the fire and lead the way.

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