Nordic Club shines at Western Canadian Championships

Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club racers shine at Western Canadian Championships. Club hosting BC Cup race this weekend.

Elizabeth Elliott attacks during the free technique sprints at the Western Canadian Championships in Canmore

Elizabeth Elliott attacks during the free technique sprints at the Western Canadian Championships in Canmore

By Matt Smider, Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club

The Revelstoke Nordic Ski Team competed at the Haywood NorAm Western Canadian Championships held in Canmore from January 15-18. Twelve junior skiers represented Revelstoke at the event, attended by more than 500 athletes from across the western provinces, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. The race courses at the Canmore Nordic Centre are notoriously difficult, particularly the steep ascents designed to challenge the world’s top skiers. Day time temperatures hovered slightly below zero throughout the event, with intermittent cloud and consistent westerly winds.

Revelstoke skiers faired superbly at the event, particularly impressive since only three of the 12 skiers had previously attended a Western Championships. In addition, the Canmore Nordic Centre is an exciting venue for a competition due to the high number of elite athletes training and racing, commented 14 year-old Revelstoke skier Elizabeth Elliott.

The event was combined with an Alberta Cup on Saturday and Sunday to include younger age groups. All categories had deep fields, several in excess of 40 competitors. Revelstoke’s Kate Granstrom placed 20th in Sunday’s Free Technique Mass Start and said that with over 50 competitors starting together it was a “thrilling event”.

Revelstoke skiers consistently placed within the top half of their categories, with several noteworthy performances:

Friday, classic interval start

— 1st – Emily Suchy, Para Female 3km

— 6th – Simon Blackie, Midgets Boys 3.3km

— 8th – Beth Granstrom, Juvenile Girls 5km

Saturday, free sprints

— 2nd – Nelson Luxmoore, Mini Midget Boys 250m

— 4th – Simon Blackie, Midgets Boys 550m

— 8th – Elizabeth Elliott, Juvenile Girls 550m

— 10th – Jaclyn Elliott, Mini Midget Girls 250m

Sunday, free mass start

— 1st – Emily Suchy, Para Female 5km

— 3rd – Nelson Luxmoore, Mini Midget Boys 2.5km

— 4th – Alexandra Luxmoore, Mini Midget Girls 2.5km

— 5th – Simon Blackie, Midget Boys 5km

— 7th – Jaclyn Elliott, Mini Midget Girls 2.5km

— 9th – Beth Granstrom, Juvenile Girls 6.6km

— 9th – Erik Brosch, Midget Boys 5km

Nordic Club hosting BC Cup race

Revelstoke athletes will be welcoming skiers to their home trails for this weekend’s BC Cup event on Mount Macpherson. More than 200 of the province’s top skiers will participate in the two-day competition.

On Saturday, racers will compete in a classic technique time trial, beginning individually at 15 second intervals. Races are scheduled to start at 11 a.m.

Sunday’s race is a mass start free technique, where all skiers of the same age category start en masse. Races are set to start at 10 a.m.

The race means the Mount Macpherson trails will be busy all weekend. Skiers are asked to ski after 2 p.m. in order to not interfere with the event.

The parking lot, lodge and stadium area at Mount Macpherson will be in use both days but extra parking and a free shuttle will be provided at the feed store at Highway 23 South and the Trans-Canada Highway.

For more information on the event, please visit