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Sleepy boy Boo preps for bed near Golden

Boo lives at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Grizzly Bear Refuge
Boo prepares for bed. (Grizzly Bear Refuge)

Life at the Grizzly Bear Refuge must be exciting, because Boo the bear has yet to lay his head down for his winter nap.

Caretakers of the refuge located at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort said while many assume that the bears are all asleep for the winter, that isn’t necessarily true. There is evidence of bears still out and about. Following a late spring which led to reduced natural food availability, the animals foraged for longer in the fall months to better prepare themselves for hibernation.

Boo, along with his bear companions in the wild, will intensively search for food and store fat by foraging nearby their dens and then sleeping most of the day before settling in for the big sleep.

“They slowly merge into each step of their seasonal phases, with their dormant phase being the final one,” said the Grizzly Bear Refuge.

Boo will rest his weary head when the option of foraging is seemingly no longer worth the search. The drive to rest can be brought on by temperature, snow depth, hours of sunlight and even nearby noise.

As for right now, Boo is still a busy boy, searching for leftover goods, but with temperatures dropping and some snow in the forecast odds are he will be ready for his nap any day now.

“Our job as his caretakers is to always provide Boo with options, ensure that things are quiet, safe, and private, and decrease stimuli as a whole so Boo can move into his final phase for his annual cycle, a nice and deep slumber until spring,” said the refuge.

While it seems like the Boo updates might dwindle over the coming months as he catches some Z’s, the refuge promises not to let Boo fans down and will post photos and video using camera data showing a very cozy, snory, even a farty, sleeping bear.

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