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Traffic dodges rams on Highway 95 near Radium

A herd of sheep was spotted on Highway 95 south of Radium
Bighorn sheep spotted on Highway 95. (Instagram)

Highway 95, south of Radium, was brought to a standstill on Tuesday (Jan. 10), after a group of animals sheepishly took their time crossing the road.

The Ministry of Transportation happened to be in the area when a herd of bighorn sheep forced the highway traffic to stop.

According to the ministry, bighorn sheep frequent the Highway 93 and 95 area and do not respect anyone’s time as they refuse to move when vehicles approach them.

“When you see our warning signs, slow down and keep an eye out for these animals on or beside the highway. If you see sheep, SLOW RIGHT DOWN! The sheep may unexpectedly step onto the road. Sometimes there will be a whole herd, sometimes one, and sometimes none,” read a statement from the ministry on social media.

The speed limit on Radium Hill has been temporarily reduced from 90 km/hr to 70 km/hr to accommodate the lollygaggers.

There are portable message signs along with oversized sheep and wildlife warning signs to alert drivers to watch for the animals.

The Ministry of Transportation is working alongside the Ministry of Forests, Parks Canada, the Village of Radium Hot Springs and a local biologist on short- and long-term solutions to protect sheep and motorists.


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Jen Zielinski

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