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VIDEO: Mother dog and 9 pups rescued in Agassiz now thriving

Dallas and her puppies soon available for adoption

The four-year-old pit bull cross rescued by the BCSPCA in Agassiz is really coming out of her shell.

According to an update from the BCSPCA, Dallas – and her nine puppies – are thriving.

Back in late June, Dallas guided a BCSPCA officer through 500 feet of thick brush on an Agassiz property, where the officer came upon a den Dallas created for herself and her puppies. Dallas and her puppies were transported to the BCSPCA in Chilliwack. Dallas belonged to the property owner, who hadn’t seen her for weeks, presuming she was killed by predators. The owner surrendered Dallas and the puppies, knowing he couldn’t care for all 10 dogs.

Dallas was underweight when she was found and had been placed on a feeding program to get her weight back up. She and the puppies were placed in a foster home.

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Fast forward to August, and Dallas finds herself learning about how to live in a house.

“Dallas is an amazing mom who is getting a well-deserved rest from her puppies,” said Dallas’s foster mother, Bernadette. “She is the sweetest dog and is becoming a playful little goofball. She loves lots of belly rubs and cuddles and snuggles during nap time.”

Dallas and her puppies were dewormed twice, and even after the first round of treatment, there was a positive change in all the dogs’ energy levels and demeanours.

Dallas is gradually learning she doesn’t have to be on constant lookout for food and she doesn’t have to scavenge in the trash to find her next meal.

“Dallas is an affectionate calm cuddle buddy who has no issues around other dogs and loves kids,” Bernadette said.

Dallas’s puppies were named via contest, with the winning names being after the trees that make up B.C.’s forests: Cedar, Aspen, Oak, Holly, Douglas (fir), Sitka, Cherry, Juniper and Maple.

The puppies have been very active and are eager to explore the world. They’ve been weaned and are now eating kibble and spend their days playing with toys, wrestling and napping.

“Each pup’s little personality is starting to develop and you can see their little sparks and wonderful temperaments growing,” Bernadette said. “They all enjoy a good snuggle and will make great additions to their adoptive families.”

Dallas will be available once she has recovered from being spayed, and the puppies should be available for adoption within a few weeks.


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