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City of Revelstoke’s plowing priorities

The City of Revelstoke reminds residents of snowplow routes and order of operation

The City of Revelstoke released a reminder recently to residents about the order of routes that the snowplows will cover during and after heavy snowfall.

While the snow may have been late to the party, this week shows promise of the return of a typical Revelstoke winter — including heaps of snow. In light of previous lapses (2022 Holiday Season), the City of Revelstoke reminded the community of what areas will be plowed first. Emergency routes, bus and school, and the downtown core topped the list of priority routes that will be plowed first during heavy snowfall.

(City of Revelstoke)

Next up, the cities plows will work on critical utility routes, major hills, and emergency services parking lots.

Third and finally, residential areas, cross streets, intersections and crosswalks, alleys, parking lots, and bus stops will be plowed.

So, if you see a windrow the height of your head, dividing the street and preventing a left turn, rest assured that the area wasn’t forgotten and will be revisited further down on the list.

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