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New Recruits to Revelstoke Fire Rescue Services

The new recruits have been described as positive and hard working
(Revelstoke Fire Rescue Services/Facebook)

Revelstoke Fire Rescue Services welcomed seven new recruits which they dubbed the “Magnificent Seven.”

Fire Chief Steven DeRousie explained that the Revelstoke Fire Rescue Services is a composite fire department. The department operates with a combination of career firefighters and volunteer firefighters.

“We have a small group of career firefighters and the volunteers come onboard to support the career firefighters,” said DeRousie.

The training can take anywhere from four to six months and begins with an introductory course, known as exterior firefighting. The course aims to get the trainees familiar with the equipment and working with fires from the exterior of the building.

The trainees worked hard over the past few months during the weekends where they practiced fire scenarios, got to ride in the fire truck, touch the hose to the fire hydrant, pull off an attack line and practice throwing ladders on buildings.

DeRousie estimated that the training accumulated to around 140-160 hours. The volunteer firefighters typically work around two to three hours a week. Besides their impressive work ethic, DeRousie noted the new recruits also displayed incredible positivity.

“I think that one thing I see the most from our new recruits is their smiles. They’re having a lot of fun,” said DeRousie.

DeRousie also said that the department has been having problems with a high turnover. He speculated that a reason could be increasing pressure from parents to find balance between their professions and spending time with their families. DeRousie also cites that this is problematic as it takes three to five years for the new firefighters to become component firefighters.

The department recently finished an intake of new recruits, with eight new recruits beginning their training and will likely finish by the end of June. DeRousie estimates that the next intake will be around the end of summer.

For more information about the fire department, you can visit their website.

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