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GoFundMe started for Dose Coffee after break-in snagged $5,000 from safe

Revelstoke RCMP are continuing to investigate this property crime and are asking for public’s help

With the safe lying cracked open at the base of the stairs, the manager on duty for Dose Coffee was calling owner, John Pierce, when he arrived before 7:00 a.m. on Sunday.

Social media in Revelstoke has been alight recently with the news of a break and enter at Dose Coffee. A staple in the community since its opening, Dose opened their doors down $5,000 and a laptop from the night before. The news was upsetting to the owners, but it wasn’t their first time dealing with a theft. The silver lining to the story came from GoFundMe page started by an Ontario resident.

“We’re not there as much as we used to be,” said John Pierce, owner of Dose Coffee.

Still, Pierce and his partner regularly check in on the shop and its staff, who are like family. On Sunday morning, Pierce decided to check on the café, which is when he encountered the manager opening the store in the process of calling him.

“The safe had been moved from its original place. And then then it was sat kind of in the landing area of the bottom of the stairs. And it was on its flipped on its back and had been pried open,” said Pierce.

Unfortunately for Pierce and for Dose, this is not the first time the shop has been broken into. The first happened over a year ago during what Pierce called “COVID Christmas.”

“It was kind of shut down and get out of the store kind of a situation. We just left everything standing as it was. And that’s when we were hit,” said Pierce.

Having learned from the past, they implemented more security measures in the hopes of dissuading any future break-ins. But the new measures didn’t stop the actions that have left Dose Coffee with $5,000 less than they had.

Philip DeBarros’ actions, however, are helping to recoup some of the money taken from Dose. Sitting at home in Toronto, DeBarros was following the story of Dose’s misfortune on social media closely. As someone who visits the area frequently, he had friends online who were reposting Dose’s message about the theft. He decided to start a GoFundMe page for Dose.

“I was like, ‘I’m just gonna do it, that’s it, forget it. It’s the right thing to do. We fired it up and gave a donation of $500. And, you know, I started posting,” said DeBarros.

DeBarros visits Revelstoke regularly. While in town, Dose is a staple for him and his family—including his son, who’s celiac. Ever appreciative of the shop’s willingness to accommodate to his son’s dietary restrictions, DeBarros was happy to help.

“I kind of consider, even though I’m on the east end, I kind of feel that that’s my spot for when I go out [to Revelstoke]. So, whatever I can do to help my people out there—their place where I enjoy going every morning is important to me,” said DeBarros.

For his part, Pierce expressed gratitude to DeBarros.

“I really, really appreciate it. I think it’s a beautiful gesture. I can’t thank them enough,” said Pierce.

Pierce also expressed an uncertainty about the fund as he feels that there are certainly many other people, businesses, and causes that could use the money, but has found the support from the community overwhelmingly positive.

Still, he wants to keep the shop the way it’s been.

“It’s a welcoming space for everyone of all walks, we treat everyone equal from our regulars of like, seven, eight years old to the cool kids,” said Pierce.

With the fund sitting at about $3,500, DeBarros and the community’s efforts and money will help the coffee shop get back to serving the community that they are glad to be a part of.

Revelstoke RCMP continue to investigate this property crime. If you have any information about this crime, please call the Revelstoke RCMP at 250-837-5255, Crime Stoppers at 1- 800-222-TIPS (8477) or on-line at

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