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Just keep running: Local runs for three days up seven Revelstoke peaks

The adventure was roughly 250 km and 11,000 metres elevation gain
Nick Whitbread nearing the summit of Mt. Mackenzie. (Submitted)

One local recently ran the distance equivalent of Revelstoke to Penticton over three days.

Nick Whitbread, 39, ran 250 kilometres up seven named features surrounding Revelstoke including Mount Begbie, Mount Macpherson, Boulder Mountain, Frisbee Ridge, Mount Revelstoke, Mount Mackenzie and Mount Cartier.

He called it the Rev 7.

The run was approximately 11,000 metres in elevation gain, which is far beyond the height of Everest and lasted 56 hours.

Below Mount Begbie. (Submitted)

“I thought it would be cool to see all the different views of town,” Whitbread said.

Ironically, the area was heavily blanketed in smoke from U.S. forest fires.

“So, there weren’t many views,” he said with a chuckle.

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Most summers, Whitbread completes a couple of ultra marathons, even races over 300 km. However, with COVID-19 most races were canceled.

Regardless, Whitbread wanted to stay active and created his own race against himself.

“I really enjoy moving through nature under my own power,” he said. “If I run, I can see twice as much stuff if I walked.”

His favourite part on the recent run was going up Mt. Mackenzie, he said. However, running down the road on the mountain, in the dark, with a hurt knee and no discerning features passing was also his least favourite.

“I needed a break.”

Night time running across the Big Eddy bridge. (Submitted)

So his girlfriend and a friend, who supported him throughout the run, brought him cupcakes from the Annex.

After Mount Cartier, his final summit, he celebrated with Indian food from Paramjit’s Kitchen, and went straight to bed.

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Whitbread and his friend Antonio Stefanile own a trail running company Upriver Running, the organization plans races and camps in Ontario. He hopes to create a race for Revelstoke, calling it Rev 3, which would include Mount Cartier, Mount Mackenzie, Mount Revelstoke and finish in downtown Revelstoke. The race would be approximately 100 km.

While Whitbread usually runs five days a week, he’s decided to take at least one day off from his last endeavour.

Eating only a plant based diet, Whitbread said he was excited to learn Oreo cookies were vegan a couple years ago. Now, they’re a classic run snack for him. (Submitted)