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Raw meat on the ground forces Revelstoke Rod and Gun Club to temporarily close

It’s unclear how the meat got there, but the club believes that people –not animals– are responsible

When operators of the Revelstoke Rod and Gun Club showed up at the range, they might have expected to find shells, bullet casings, or some shredded targets — they likely weren’t expecting the pounds of raw meat strewn across the porch and walkway of the club.

The Rod and Gun Club was shut down on Thursday after raw meat was found spread out across the clubhouse porch. Operators of the club believe the meat may be ground chicken, but it’s yet to be confirmed. The mess was believed by the club to be caused by someone who may have an issue with the club, but without any communication from the individual, the motive is unclear.

“Who knows what’s in this,” said George Buhler, president of the Revelstoke Rod and Gun Club.

Meat at the range. (Chad Davidson/Facebook)

Buhler said that they’ve discussed the cleanup of the meat with an on-site cleanup service. Ordinarily, the club would clean the mess up themselves, but without confirmation that there’s no hazard to the waste, they couldn’t move forward.

The mess comes at an unfortunate time for the club as hunting season ramps up, bringing more folks to the range for practice and equipment checks. With the closure still in effect, no one is allowed on the range for the time being.

The RCMP were contacted about the incident, responding to the call Thursday afternoon.

As for next steps, Buhler said that if nothing comes back from the police, they’ll move forward with getting the club back opened.

“If nothing comes of it, we cover the cost of cleaning it up,” said Buhler.

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