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The Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce has a new executive director

Meet Caroline Lachapelle, the latest ED for the Chamber of Commerce
Caroline Lachapelle at the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce. (Zachary Delaney/Revelstoke Review)

Caroline Lachapelle was named as the new executive director of the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce.

Looking at Lachapelle’s resume, it’s no surprise that she was chosen to take on the executive director role at the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce. Lachapelle has held directorial positions in various industries from Revelstoke to the Okanagan. Lachapelle spoke about her new role and what she’s looking forward to in the future with the Chamber.

Lachapelle moved to Revelstoke with her kids in December, 2021, after visiting the previous summer.

“I brought my kids here to check out Revelstoke for the summer, and they begged me not to take them back to the Okanagan,” said Lachapelle.

Her partner, a Revelstoke local of 16 years, was already living in town, making the move all the better.

Of the many things that Lachapelle considered before moving to Revelstoke, she examined the school district, which quickly became an asset for the community.

“I was really impressed with what there was. It’s just wonderful,” said Lachapelle.

Her two kids are both in the Revelstoke school system and enjoy it. Her eldest will graduate from Revelstoke Secondary School this year, while her youngest will graduate from elementary school.

“It’s a tear-jerker, this 2023 for me, for sure,” said Lachapelle.

From her move in 2021, Lachapelle said she took her time before applying to the Chamber of Commerce, and “consulted with some friends who are owners of businesses in town.” Lachapelle said she also looked through the history of the previous executive directors, but ultimately came to the conclusion that the position was a perfect fit for her.

“It kind of meshes together all of my operational management positions with a really great marriage of my volunteer work,” said Lachapelle.

Lachapelle said she believes her patience and persistence will help with her success in the role.

“I’m in it for the long run, I’m happy to go over hurdles,” said Lachapelle.

She was already “impressed” with the direction that the Chamber was headed after the work of previous executive director, Stacey Brensrud, now Lachapelle is looking forward to continuing her work.

“I think what the members of the Chamber and the Revelstoke community can expect from the Chamber within the next few months, and the next year, is having a lot more information coming towards them on what’s going on on the provincial and federal level and how we are advocating for Revelstoke community businesses, ” said Lachapelle.

Lachapelle also wants to do her part in improving the Chamber’s communication.

“I’d like to really increase direct access to myself, so people can call me, they can book an appointment with myself. We’re happy to continue the communication efforts that have been done and then increase them,” said Lachapelle.

When she’s not working with the Chamber, Lachapelle likes to work at being a “cool mom.”

“I’m going to the terrain park, where I do not belong, but still try to push myself to try to be a cool mom,” joked Lachapelle.

She also likes to forage for mushrooms, cross-country mountain bike, and is an avid potter at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre. Lachapelle signed up for pottery classes at the centre almost eight months before moving to Revelstoke.

“I’m beyond impressed at what Meghan [Porath] and Taylor [Sandell] are doing over there in that sector. It’s been like a life changing opportunity for me to be able to sit down and do something with my hands,” said Lachapelle.

With her hands in the clay, and Tool’s “Lateralus” album in her ears, Lachapelle thoroughly enjoys her potting endeavors.

While she continues to settle into her new role, Lachapelle expressed her appreciation for Brensrud, who’s stayed on with Chamber casually to help facilitate her onboarding.

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