Zac Delaney, his dog Pepper, and fiancé McAley. (Zachary Delaney/Revelstoke Review)

Zac Delaney, his dog Pepper, and fiancé McAley. (Zachary Delaney/Revelstoke Review)

Meet Zac: Revelstoke Review adds new reporter to team

Zachary Delaney graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa

Hey Revy! I’m Zac—long time listener, first time caller. I’ve admired this beautiful city from a distance for years, with stolen –unforgettable– weekends here. Before living in Ottawa, Edmonton, Alta., was home for nearly 10 years. During that time, my brothers and I would make the pilgrimage to Revelstoke to go snowboarding. I cut my winter driving teeth on the trip back to Edmonton through Roger’s Pass, and have come back almost every year since.

Though I’m from Newfoundland, moving east for school was bittersweet. In the time I spent living in Edmonton, I’d become accustomed to having incredible mountains just a few hours away. But between the COVID-19 pandemic, and a hectic school schedule, I wouldn’t see the mountains for almost two years.

While in Ottawa, professors in school often warned us fresh graduates that finding work in journalism wouldn’t be easy (and it isn’t). They also warned that we may have to move somewhere small to start our careers. Living in Ontario at the time, I started looking in small towns outside of bigger ones, starting with half an hour away, then an hour, an hour and a half after that, and so on.

It was around that time –mid winter – that my family in Edmonton hauled me out west for a trip to Revelstoke to go snowboarding to break up my school semester. Seeing the town again, and enjoying myself so much, I started looking for work out west. If I was going to be working in a smaller place than the big capital cities I was used to, why not look somewhere that I actually know and love? The ensuing days, weeks, and months were a whirlwind.

After three trips across the country, my fiancée, McAley, and I (and our cat and dog) finally call Revelstoke home.

Before getting to Revelstoke, I got to try a few different forms of journalism. In Ottawa, I interned with a local paper called the Ottawa Citizen. After a few weeks of writing there, I drove to Newfoundland to work as a reporter on CBC’s St. John’s Morning radio show.

When I’m not working, I like to be outside as much as possible. I grew up playing soccer and I still like to play when I can. I also swim, hike, cycle, snowboard, and do just about anything else that keeps me outdoors. Sometimes, you have to spend time inside, though. When that happens, I like to cook and watch TV and movies.

If you see me around, feel free to bring up any one of these topics and I would be happy to chat about them all.

You can also reach out with any news and story ideas. I can be reached by email at

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