WEB POLL: Did you pre-register to vote?

The provincial election is coming up on Oct. 24

WEB POLL: Are you/did you go to LUNA REIMAGINED?

Results to be published in the Oct. 1 print edition of the Review

WEB POLL: Do you have a bear-proof garbage bin?

Poll results will be reported in the Sept. 24 edition of the Revelstoke Review

WEB POLL: Has your grocery bill changed since the pandemic was announced?

The spread of the coronavirus was officially dubbed a pandemic in March,…

WEB POLL: What do you think of the proposed development on Hay Rd.?

Revelstoke City Council will be hosting a public hearing in September about the development

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B.C.'s top doctor says now is not the time for social gatherings
RCMP policy on masks for Sikhs will change, Blair promises

WEB POLL: Did you take up gardening during the pandemic?

Local farmers were trying to expand production and a growing group was…

  • Jul 13, 2020

WEB POLL: Are you wearing a mask?

Some restaraunt employees are wearing face masks, some are not. Some people…

WEB POLL: Have you ordered takeout since the pandemic was declared?

Businesses, are getting creative with many restaurants offering takeaway or delivery options…

Webpoll: Have you lost your job due to COVID-19

The Town of Banff is reporting its unemployment rate is at 85 per cent

WEB POLL: Are you worried about running out of toilet paper?

There are photos and videos being shared around of empty shelves and…

WEB POLL: Have you or do you know someone who has purchased lots at Mountain View Resort?

The developer of Mountain View Resort has been ordered by the Superintendent…

WEB POLL: Do you think the police should be dismantling the rail blockades?

Across the country protesters have set up blockades on railway tracks in…

WEB POLL: Would you like to see the proposed highway connecting Red Deer to Kamloops built?

The idea to build a highway connecting Highway 11 at Saskatchewan River…

WEB POLL: Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

It’s one of the days romantic comedies are made of, do you…

WEB POLL: Do you walk the Jordan River trail?

A Revelstoke construction company has been issued a temporary license to explore…

WEB POLL: Do you agree with the proposed raises for mayor and council?

Revelstoke mayor and council are considering giving themselves a raise

WEB POLL: Do you clear your car?

Did you know you can get a ticket if you don’t clear…